Six Exercise Benefits

A review of how bodies respond to exercise and how overall wellness is improved

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The ability to change the position of your body quickly and to control movement easily.

  • Ability to change directions and maintain balance
  • Ability to step aside quickly to avoid someone or something
  • Develop agility skills by doing side shuffles with a floor touch at each end, doing high knee lifts, forward lunges, or sideways crossover walking


A person’s ability to maintain equilibrium when they are moving or stationary.

  • Is your ability to ability to adjust body position in order to remain upright
  • Allows an individual to perform everyday activities without holding on to something
  • Makes it possible to negotiate steps or curbs without using a rail
  • Balance training can include standing on one foot, standing yoga poses, or using a balance board
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An individual’s ability to transfer energy into force at a rapid pace.

  • Power is a combination of strength and speed
  • Ability to exert muscle force quickly
  • Also known as explosive body movement
  • Enhance your power by pushing a weighted object or doing kettlebell swings

Reaction Time

Relates to the time between one of your senses recognizing a stimulus and your body moving in response.

  • Moving your foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal when you need to stop
  • Ability to move quickly to avoid a physical object or threat
  • Improve reaction time by playing table tennis or toss and catch against a wall
  • Sport-specific drills will also improve reaction time
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A person’s ability to perform complex movements because the muscles and nervous systems are working together.

  • Strength training and balance exercises will improve coordination
  • Lack of coordination may result in falls, the inability to hit a ball off a tee, or hitting a tennis ball
  • Coordination can be improved by dribbling a ball, playing catch, or jumping rope


Is the ability to perform a movement in a short amount of time.

  • Leg speed will result in an individual’s ability to run faster
  • Hand or arm speed will improve a person’s ability to throw and catch
  • Speed can best be enhanced with high intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Sport specific drills for swimming, cycling, running and more
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